Soft Claws {Stop the Scratching!}

soft claws

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If you have cats or know someone with cats this is something you definitely have to try!  I know I probably sound like an infomercial, but I have used Soft Claws for over a year now and I just have to tell you how thrilled I am with this product!

Continuing the infomercial theme: What are Soft Claws?

Soft Claws for Cats - CLS (Cleat Lock System), Size Medium, Color Pink Feline Soft Claws

Well, (insert infomercial co-host name) they are cat claw covers that humanely prevent your cat from using your beloved furniture as a scratching post.

So how do they work?

It sounds more complicated than it is, but these claw covers are glued over your cat’s nails like a kitty manicure.  They stay on for up to a month until the nail grows out.  For a mere $15, and a little for shipping, you can save your favorite furniture from your feline’s evil scratching tendencies.  Look at this “evil” cat on my dining room chair! Scratch all you want kitty, nothing’s gonna happen.

 soft claws

Okay, so really though, without the infomercial spiel…I really think this is a great product and I always order mine through Amazon, but I have started to see them in limited selection at Petco.

The nails stay on without any problem for 4-6 weeks and they aren’t that hard to put on your cat.  The nail covers are hollow inside and they fit over the cat’s existing nail.  Most cats don’t seem to mind or notice once they are applied.  My cat looks very happy below.  I think he’s had enough of my photo shoot already.

soft claws

To apply them I wait until my cat is relaxed (after petting or brushing him) and then one by one I put a little dab of glue inside each hollow nail and slide them on my cat’s nails.  Since the glue dries really fast, he doesn’t have to sit very long.  The nails are made of vinyl and the they are completely non-toxic.  Each package contains 40 nail caps and adhesive.

soft claws

The nail covers also come in several sizes to fit every size cat.  Surprisingly my cat only needs medium, but we aren’t measuring the rest of his body…  Click here to see the size chart.

It takes some practice, but after a few times a few feet , it’s not too bad.  Considering the alternative of de-clawing, which in my opinion is NOT an alternative, this is a much better solution.  Plus, with cool colors like blue and green they’re hard to resist.  He’s a fancy man, isn’t he?

 soft claws

Oh and btw, they make Soft Claws for dogs too!

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