professional organizerHi! I’m Amanda.

I am a Professional Organizer and full-time stay-at-home mom, but I’m also the Publisher/Author for the Well-Groomed Home Blog.  My passion is organizing and creating for my family. I also love blogging about organizing tips, techniques, and DIY projects.

My Philosophy…

So, what defines a Well-Groomed Home, you ask?  Well… As they say, “the clothes make the man” and like a well-dressed man, a well-groomed home is “clothed” in good design and organization. As a Pro-Organizer,I analyzed what worked and changed what didn’t all while mixing in a bit of personal style.  Being a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) also ensures that I receive the most current professional development in the field of organizing. My motivation is usually to simplify life, reduce stress, and make things aesthetically pleasing.

Although my Bachelor’s degree is in Health Science I have always been very artistic and creative.  As a child I would spend hours decorating my Barbie house, rearranging my room, drawing, or creating something.  Since graduating college in 2005, I have moved six times!  Even though some were rental properties I still had a strong desire to design and transform my space.  I’m a pretty determined gal and budget (or lack thereof) doesn’t stop me; I will find a way to do whatever it is that I want without breaking the bank. I’m detail oriented and I like things done right.

With this being the third house I have owned I already know that as a home owner choosing to design your house is also a good investment.  It’s no secret that having an organized and beautifully decorated house will help sell your home when that time comes.

This latest house is shared with my wonderful husband…and now our beautiful baby boy (he’s almost two now)!

Homeowners together as of August 2012, we are still working to define our style as a couple.  Click the photo below to see our Home Tour, which is a constant work in progress…

To keep the peace in our newly merged lives I have to get creative to find solutions to our organizational challenges. 🙂  Many people (my husband included) would agree that simple changes can make the difference between a calm morning and running late to work because you can’t find your wallet.  In addition to organizing a space, it also needs to look nice.Below are a few examples of my DIY and organizing solutions to a few of our household issues.

Some of my other DIY and organizing projects are inspired by our pets.  We have a toy poodle (my baby), a Maine Coon cat, goldfish, and a pond with koi.

I hope by reading my blog you will gain some inspiration and practical advice on making your home look better and run more smoothly.  I love helping people, so don’t hesitate to email me at amanda@wellgroomedhome.com if you have a question.

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