Sams Club Hardwood Floors

Well, we finally ditched the carpet!  Hooray!  I couldn’t be happier that we finally have hardwood floors.  Did I say finally?  Yes, finally, after almost 3 years in this house.  It was well worth the wait though and even if we still had to do the work ourselves, hardwoods beat out carpet any day. The surprise factor here is that … Continue reading

Built-In Dog Kennel

Last year I showed you my solution to the two large kennels taking over our lives.  It worked for the time being and for the most part I was happy with it…but as my husband says , “I can’t ever leave anything alone” and I knew I could make it better without sacrificing so much space.  Our garage entrance felt … Continue reading

Time Management: Getting it All Done

Organizing stuff is usually the no-brainer part of organization.  However, finding time to keep everything organized is a whole other story. Time management techniques are sometimes the hardest things to add into our lives, because they require consistent effort.  Once you know some of the tricks, and those habits are created, it makes keeping it all together so much easier. … Continue reading

Recovering a Glider

  I have been diligently working on the nursery since finding out we are expecting our first child.  It can be very overwhelming, not to mention expensive, so I have tried to save wherever possible.  In my frugal conquest, I found this lovely glider on Craigslist for $50.00, which normally retails for $150 or more.  Obviously the cushions needed to … Continue reading

Master Closet Transformation

Even after purchasing a new custom closet system, a client of mine still struggled with basic order in her master closet.  This just goes to show that even the best closet system with all the bells and whistles, doesn’t result in a perfectly organized space. Here is what her closet looked like after her first attempt to put everything back: It … Continue reading

Perfectly Labeled Changing Table

 After my mom found these adorable gender-neutral baskets on clearance at Home Goods I was so excited to put them to use on my changing table.  However, the organizer in me needed a clear label for each basket.  I wanted something that could easily be changed since I really won’t know what system works best until baby arrives.  I still … Continue reading

Nursery Inspiration

So basically we’ve been married since August 2nd and apparently we didn’t waste any time getting pregnant!  I am starting to document my bump as it is finally trying to make an appearance, however, some days I just feel more chubby than pregnant, lol.  They say that’s normal and I’m sure in no time I’ll have a bigger-than-life bump.  So … Continue reading

Coffee Table Update

Part of my living room update was updating, or adding a shelf to my coffee table.  It was such a simple project that I was able to complete it in less than a day using chalk paint and some scrap lumber.  I love this little addition because it adds some dimension to our coffee table and it’s also very functional … Continue reading

Living Room & Greige Paint Update

First I must apologize…A lot has been going on in our household the past few weeks, even though my blogging has not reflected that.  I have been a little MIA lately due to the fact that we recently found out we are going to be parents for the first time next summer!  So exciting!!  The painting progress on the living … Continue reading