Wedding Decor as Home Decor {After the Wedding}

wedding decor home decor

Like most brides, I ended up with quite a bit of “stuff” after our wedding. This left me wondering what I should realistically keep and what I should sell / donate or get rid of.  I decided that most of the personal touches were too precious to get rid of since many were hand made by myself and my husband … Continue reading

My DIY Wedding Journey

*Warning* THIS is a long, very long, DIY wedding post.  This post contains TONS of detailed photos and might get a little emotional and word-y when talking about my wonderful, imperfectly-perfect day. 🙂 Married for one month today.  I can’t believe it after being engaged so long and feeling like we would never have an actual wedding.  With my fiance … Continue reading

Post Wedding Blues

post wedding blues

 {Jessica Pledger Photography} As many of you know I am now a “Mrs.” as of August 2nd, 2014.  I couldn’t be happier…sort of… To my surprise, I have been filled with sadness these past few days.  Ironically, I also feel happy to be married, happy that I am in love, and happy that the wedding had very few imperfections (even the weather was … Continue reading

Pallet Projects

As part of the “wedding factory” as my fiance has dubbed it, I completed two pallet projects for us to display at the reception.  I actually got these pallets from the builders down the street who we re-doing a brick wall in our neighborhood.  They probably thought I was a little weird since they didn’t speak English and I was … Continue reading

Rustic Tic-Tac-Toe: Kids Wedding Activity

Our wedding is less than a month away and as the RSVP cards flow into our mailbox, it appears that there will be several kiddos under the age of ten.  I have thought about how to keep them occupied since they are more than welcome to attend.  We certainly don’t want them to be bored, nor do we want their … Continue reading


When printing my wedding invitations I went back and forth on how I wanted to write the envelopes.  I thought about printing them with our laser printer, but I eventually decided that hand-lettering the envelopes would give a more personal touch.  Fortunately, I have always been blessed with artistic ability and relatively good handwriting so I decided to give it … Continue reading

DIY Burlap Overlay

This project was definitely inspired by necessity… The need for affordable linens for our wedding.  I’ve already shared that our wedding theme will be rustic chic and we are embracing it wholeheartedly.  Burlap and lace are going to be all over the place (lol) so why not include some DIY Burlap Overlays. Easy to make and less than $7.00 per 48″ … Continue reading

Rustic Wedding Inspiration

The past few months have been involved some hardcore wedding planning and tons of DIY projects to keep costs down.  I have utilized Pinterest to catalog all my hearts desires and I wanted to share with you some of my most favorite rustic wedding inspiration photos. I’m sure most brides can relate to the fact that the wedding can become … Continue reading

Organized Wedding Planning

As my wedding draws near, I am reminded of how important organized wedding planning is to every aspect of this journey. No matter the size or formality, wedding planning is stressful and staying organized certainly does help a bride stay sane. Create a System: Wedding Binder: I always wanted to purchase one of those cute wedding planning binders for sale at … Continue reading