Pond Update: The Battle of Spring Algae

Last summer I shared my pond building adventure and I am happy to report that I did finish the pond and the fish are thoroughly enjoying it!  It’s still a work in progress and I need to make a trip to the local water garden supply for some more plants, but all in all I am super happy with how … Continue reading

Dumpster Dive Garden Bench Made from Chairs

Driving home one day I spotted two dining chairs out by someone’s curb, ready for the trash.  I wanted to stop and get them, but I kept driving because I felt really dumb dumpster diving on my own street.  I mean, what if the neighbors saw me?  Embarrassing…  Well, I got home and I couldn’t stop thinking about all the … Continue reading

Painting Patio Furniture

painting patio furniture

Last week I spent some time updating our patio cushions.  To go along with the new cushions I also gave the furniture a much needed make-over.  The patio furniture is cast aluminum and it has held up really well over the last 6 years.  There were, however, a few chipped areas on the arms and back.  As a quick-fix I … Continue reading

Patio Cushion Covers Made from Drapes

I love our back patio.  It’s tranquil and quiet; it’s a nice place to sit by the pond and watch the fish.  However, our patio cushions were in need of some love.  I didn’t want to spend $20, $30, or even more on new cushions or custom covers. The actual cushion pad was in decent shape, it just needed a … Continue reading

Garage Organization

The garage received a lot of unexpected praise and attention at our garage sale last weekend, so I decided to share my organized garage journey.  This journey, and post, is really long, so bear with me.  Garage organization became increasingly more important for us as we tackled additional DIY projects. Realistically, about half the “junk” in the garage was contributed … Continue reading

Organizing for a Garage Sale {With a Printable!}

Organizing for a garage sale can be very overwhelming.  I’ve hosted and helped at many garage sales in my lifetime and although they are hard work, it’s usually rewarding to make a little cash and get a jump start on spring (or summer or even fall) cleaning.  Selling anything is a science and getting organized is the first step.  The … Continue reading

Installing Front Door Glass

On the journey to a newly painted front door, one of the panels of leaded glass decided to break.  Fortunately, they were tempered glass so there are no injuries to report (and I secretly wanted to replace them anyway…). After some diligence and some plywood to cover the hole in our door for a week, I was able to install … Continue reading

My Mailbox Makeover

Since the weather was cooperating I decided to give our mailbox an update to match the freshly painted front door (see pic below).  The mailbox makeover was a simple and quick project, but I am loving the results. I wish I had a better before picture to show you, but this project was one of those spur of the moment … Continue reading

Painting the Front Door

Painting the front door was one one of those “supposed to be quick and easy” tasks.  It turned into a week long bout of frustration, however.  I have known for a long time I wanted to paint our front door black – I love black doors.  They are so elegant and classic.  A long time ago I painted my townhouse … Continue reading