Perfectly Labeled Changing Table

 After my mom found these adorable gender-neutral baskets on clearance at Home Goods I was so excited to put them to use on my changing table.  However, the organizer in me needed a clear label for each basket.  I wanted something that could easily be changed since I really won’t know what system works best until baby arrives.  I still … Continue reading

Rustic Tic-Tac-Toe: Kids Wedding Activity

Our wedding is less than a month away and as the RSVP cards flow into our mailbox, it appears that there will be several kiddos under the age of ten.  I have thought about how to keep them occupied since they are more than welcome to attend.  We certainly don’t want them to be bored, nor do we want their … Continue reading


When printing my wedding invitations I went back and forth on how I wanted to write the envelopes.  I thought about printing them with our laser printer, but I eventually decided that hand-lettering the envelopes would give a more personal touch.  Fortunately, I have always been blessed with artistic ability and relatively good handwriting so I decided to give it … Continue reading

DIY Burlap Overlay

This project was definitely inspired by necessity… The need for affordable linens for our wedding.  I’ve already shared that our wedding theme will be rustic chic and we are embracing it wholeheartedly.  Burlap and lace are going to be all over the place (lol) so why not include some DIY Burlap Overlays. Easy to make and less than $7.00 per 48″ … Continue reading

Patio Cushion Covers Made from Drapes

I love our back patio.  It’s tranquil and quiet; it’s a nice place to sit by the pond and watch the fish.  However, our patio cushions were in need of some love.  I didn’t want to spend $20, $30, or even more on new cushions or custom covers. The actual cushion pad was in decent shape, it just needed a … Continue reading

Restoring a Vintage Desk Chair

Last week I shared my office make-over and told you about how I scored a vintage chair on Craigslist.  It looks so similar to the more expensive vintage chairs made by GoodForm.  I spent many hours restoring this vintage desk chair, but it was sooo worth it. Here are a couple of photos of the chair before: As you can … Continue reading

DIY Vintage-Inspired Clock

During my quest for a vintage looking wall clock to go in my office I was disappointed in what I found in the stores…so of course I decided I must make my own DIY vintage-inspired clock! I found several clocks online that I fell in love with, but I just couldn’t justify the price plus shipping.  I checked out my … Continue reading

DIY Drawer Knob with Plaster of Paris

A few months ago I wrote about refinishing my late Aunt’s dresser from the 1960s.  However, in the move we lost one of the original knobs and haven’t had any luck finding it.  Since she passed in November it seems even more important to make a replacement knob. I certainly didn’t want to go with all new knobs for sentimental … Continue reading

Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

Handmade personalized ornaments has always been one of my favorite holiday traditions.  They can be given as gifts or simply used as mementos on your own tree.  Either way they’re fun to make! OMBRE MONOGRAM WITH GLITTER I started with a plain black glass ornament.  To get the ombre effect, I simply set it in the cap of the spray … Continue reading