Weekly Organizing Tip: Put Mail in Its Place

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Weekly Organizing Tip: Put Mail in Its Place

Even though it can be tempting to toss the daily mail onto a pile each day, spending an extra minute to sort it as it comes through the doors will have many benefits.

  1. Invest in a small organizing system, such as a small bin with dividers, a divided basket, or a file folder with several pockets.  You can even incorporate it into a Family Command Center (read more about how to create one here).
  1. Place the organizer in an accessible location (near the door or where the pile of mail usually sits).
  1. Take 1 minute to sort the mail by priority or type. You don’t need to read it all, just decide to which category it belongs.
  1. Once a week grab each stack and thoroughly file each item.

It will literally take seconds each day to sort incoming mail, but that effort will help you pay bills on time, have a more organized calendar, and less clutter.

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