Weekly Organizing Tip: Lists for Easier Lives

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Weekly Organizing Tip:  Lists for Easier Lives

Busy lives can be made easier by keeping 1 or 2 central household lists for things such as grocery items, household supplies, and other necessary purchases.

Place a magnetic-backed notepad on the refrigerator for everyone in the household to see or hang a small notepad with the car keys. You can even make your own like this one:

created at: 08/21/2012

Notepad DIY via Curbly

When someone notices an item needs to be purchased, such as bread or paper towels, he or she can add it to the list.

One general list can be used or several smaller ones for separate shopping destinations.

When it is time to shop you can grab the list and go!

This method encourages everyone to help in the process of running the household, and saves the shopper time and energy.

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