Weekly Organizing Tip: Don’t Let Clutter Be Your Guest

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Weekly Organizing Tip:  Don’t Let Clutter Be Your Guest

If you are fortunate enough to have a space in your home designated as a guest room, don’t let the only regular visitor be clutter. Organize a guest room and keep it ready for those unexpected visitors.

-Keep the bed neat by not letting it become a storage place for miscellaneous household items.

-Invest in ample storage containers so that surfaces can remain free of clutter, especially if the room doubles as extra storage space.

-Keep a few house-guest essentials in a basket or decorative box, such as extra toiletries, a box of mints, and tissues.   Here’s another tip: save those free samples from the make-up counter or the mail and keep them for guests.

-Add some candles, literature about local attractions, and magazines to a bedside table.

Maintain your guest room with regular cleaning and spot checks once a week to make sure you are ready for any guests who might arrive.

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