Weekly Organizing Tip: Contain That Clutter!

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 Weekly Organizing Tip:  Contain That Clutter

Clutter often comes from having no clear place for a specific item, such as no spot to put gently used gift bags or extra birthday party supplies. Take some time to assess which items seem to be consistently out of place, and usually you will find that it is because there are not places for them.

Contain the clutter by starting with totes, boxes, or even baskets.

-Donation box: gently used clothing, toys, and household items can go here and when the box is full, it is time to take it to a local goodwill store.

Resale tote: if you plan to have a garage sale or sell items online, keep them together and out of the way until you are ready.

-Question basket: anything that doesn’t have a place needs to go here until you find one, but don’t let the basket overflow.

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