Weekly Organizing Tip: Find the Fun in Organizing

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 Weekly Organizing Tip: Find the Fun in Organizing

Well, OK, not everyone will experience the same amount of joy that some might get from organizing a home, office, or even vehicle. You can, however, try to find the fun in cleaning and sorting.

These simple hints can turn dreaded tasks into something that can be survived with a smile.

1. Give yourself a reward for doing the task you least like, such as indulging in a piece of chocolate after cleaning the toilets. Just please remember to wash your hands first, lol.

2. Turn on the music and dance your way through the sweeping and mopping.  Who knew you could twerk while you work?

3. Find a chore-friend and challenge each other to see who can reach their weekly cleaning goals first, and the loser buys lunch that month.

Take the chore out of household chores and let yourself find fun ways to organize your space and your life.

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