Pond Update: The Battle of Spring Algae

Pond Spring AlgaeLast summer I shared my pond building adventure and I am happy to report that I did finish the pond and the fish are thoroughly enjoying it!  It’s still a work in progress and I need to make a trip to the local water garden supply for some more plants, but all in all I am super happy with how it has turned out.

Pond Spring Algae

These Koi were purchased at the same time and started out the same size.  I’m not sure what genetics “Big Yellow” has, but he’s about a foot long and almost twice the size of the white koi.

Pond Spring Algae

Right now I am still battling the dreaded Spring Algae Bloom, which is frustrating.  These articles (Pond Algae and SECRETS OF CLEAR WATER) have been helpful in my decision making progress with regard to the pea soup situation.   I also have the lovely string algae version that billows around underwater like nasty green hair.  Unfortunately, it’s just something mother nature does and all the water changes in the world won’t stop it.

Pond Spring Algae

Algae doesn’t hurt the fish – they actually like it – it’s just kinda gross to look at.  The general rule of thumb for “clean” water is that, aside from algae, if you can see a dime on the bottom of the pond you’re doing okay.  Most of the time this is true for me as long as I routinely vacuum the bottom of the pond, but waiting for this algae situation to balance out is not my favorite.  The OCD person inside me feels a little embarrassed when people see the pond…I feel the need to explain, “No, it’s normal…really, it’s not dirty…”.  In time, with more plants, some more aeration (provided I replace the 2nd pump’s fountain head) it will rectify.

Pond Spring Algae

The pond has also attracted some pretty interesting wildlife.  Our backyard has become lizard paradise. Sugar, the “big” dog, has been focused on trying to catch one every time we go outside.

pond spring algae

I’m kinda surprised the lizard pic turned out so well, because I took it with my iPhone.  I also spotted a green frog nestled in one of the iris plants.

Pond Spring Algae

…and a rather large snail. 🙂

Pond Spring Algae

It’s a fun little slice of nature even though it does take some maintenance.  Next time, I want to build a MUCH larger pond, because apparently the larger it is the easier it is to care for. Maybe so, but for now my little pond is just fine.

Still on the Pond To Do List:

  • add more moss rocks to cover liner on edges
  • add rocks to make a bigger waterfall and hide filter
  • purchase water lilies and pond plants
  • hide pump
  • make a DIY fish cave
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  1. My kids would have a blast in your back yard looking for all of the little wildlife hanging out at your pond! I’ve got a slight algae situation with my water fountain out front. Mine is more the fact that I skipped a week with the algaecide. Oops!

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