DIY Jewelry Hanger

I wanted to share this quick little jewelry project.  It was a Pinterest inspired “necessity”.  I say necessity because I just fell in love with the many Pinterest photos I have collected of DIY Jewelry Hangers.  I finally decided what I wanted to do and it took me less than an hour to complete this project once I had all the supplies.
I purchased 3 pre-cut wooden shapes and some drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby . I chose pulls that I felt would compliment my color scheme but not be all matchy-matchy. The drawer pulls were on clearance for a couple bucks each and the wooden blocks were only a $1.47 a piece.
I painted each one with white chalk paint I already had on hand. For more info on my DIY chalk paint recipe click here.
Next I sanded them with a 120 grit sanding block and distressed them a bit by sanding through the paint in some areas.
After distressing them slightly I hammered a picture hook on the back.
Time for the fun part:  I used a 1/4″ drill bit and drilled through the center of each wooden block.  This would be the hole I would use for my drawer pulls. The pulls came with a threaded screw attached to them and a nut to secure it on the back of the wooden block.  However, the wooden block is only about a 1/2″ thick…so I had to use a hacksaw to cut the extra length off the screw so it wouldn’t stick out too much.
Final step: hang them on the wall!  I staggered mine since I had a narrow space to hang them and I think that adds a bit more visual interest.  I now have a decorative way to display my necklaces (for less than $12.00!) and they themselves become art!
I love this blue flower; it’s so classic and delicate.
What do you think?  Do you like to display your jewelry as art?
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