DIY Weekly Chalkboard Calendar

DIY calendar chalkboard

Many, many days I am disappointed to find out that my fiance and I have failed to coordinate our schedules…he gets home too late for dinner or someone forgets to take out the trash…  Whatever the reason we needed a solution!  Near our garage entrance we had some unused wall space that I decided to turn into an organization station by using a weekly chalkboard calendar!

Of course, I made it a DIY project by using some spray Chalkboard Paint and some old closet door mirrors.  First, I spray painted the mirror and frame with chalkboard paint.  Once it was dry I used some vinyl letters in place of stencils.  I measured the space for which I wanted my letters and I stuck the vinyl letters right onto the chalkboard.  I made sure to let the chalkboard paint cure for a couple of days or it would have peeled off the freshly applied chalkboard paint.  Some painters tape finished off my edge.

diy chalkboard calendar

diy chalkboard calendar

diy chalkboard calendar

Next, I rolled on some white latex paint I had on hand.  It took a few coats to cover, but I made sure to peel off my vinyl letters and tape before it dried completely. I carefully removed the letters by lifting the edge with an exact-o knife and slowly peeling them off.

TA-DA!  So unbelievably easy and so unbelievably worth it I even decided to make a second one for notes.

diy chalkboard calendar
These types of simple, yet practical, organizing solutions are my favorite!
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