Faux Painted Oil Rubbed Bronze Chandalier

faux paint oil rubbed bronze
Moving into this house we never liked any of the lighting fixtures.  To me, they looked like spiders holding upside down cereal bowls.  We didn’t have the budget to change them all right away so I decided to experiment and faux paint oil rubbed bronze.
Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why I didn’t just buy a can of Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint.  Well, I love the Rustoleum formula for ORB and have used it many times… but I have to be honest that sometimes, it looks like spray paint.  This DIY project is a way to acheive a more realistic version of ORB, similar to the finish on Delta Venetian Bronze fixtures.

faux paint oil rubbed bronze

After removing the chandelier from the ceiling I had to give it a good scrubbing.   The other fun thing I noticed was that the foreclosure company had hired painters to come in and “spruce up the place” by spraying builder’s beige paint all over every surface in the house…yep, that included the formerly silver chandeliers.  I guess you could say they primed them for me, lol.

I removed the “cereal bowls” and bulbs.  I bought dark brown flat spray paint and hung the chandelier up in the garage so I could easily spray all sides and the chain. Once it was all flat black and dry I started experimenting.

I used Deco Art craft paint purchased at Hobby Lobby and dry brushed it in short sweeping motions.  Less is definitely more when using this paint.  If I got too much on the chandelier I quickly wiped it off with a wet rag.  Otherwise, the light fixture started to look really gold and gaudy.  I tried to mimic the rub / scratch marks that are characteristic of Venetian / Oil Rubbed Bronze products made by Delta.

faux paint oil rubbed bronze

One nifty little feature of this fixture is that the arms swivel, so I decided to turn the arms so the lights faced up towards the ceiling.  That looks better to me than bare bulbs. 🙂  I added some new, better looking “cereal bowls” in a more regular shape.

faux paint oil rubbed bronze

faux paint oil rubbed bronze
A little more work to acheive a more realistic finish is sometimes worth it.  Our friends hardly believe me when I tell them this is paint!
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  1. Our house is a never-ending work in progress and ugly light fixtures are one of those things on the list. I’ve thought of painting mine as well. We’re slowly changing everything out and putting in oil-rubbed bronze. You did a great job on your light fixture. I may have to give this a shot!

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